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770MX Introductory Package

The 770MX package includes a stand, enclosure, power drawbar, touchscreen, and more.

Add on with plug-and-play accessories like a 4th axis, SmartCool™ programmable coolant system, or an automatic tool changer.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for delivery.

Starting At $17,995

Some Assembly Required

Engineered and Supported in the USA.



We gave our 770MX a trio of servo motors, an encoder for rigid tapping, and a BT30 spindle.

Faster travel speeds cut down program times, and a beefier spindle chews through aluminum, titanium, hardened steels, and alloys without a concern of tool pullout.


Start with PathPilot®, Tormach’s in-house control software and the brain of every Tormach. We developed PathPilot to be easier to learn and use.

Plus, the premium features aren’t hidden behind a paywall that’ll run you thousands ofdollars. If it’s in PathPilot, you have access. And upgrades won’t cost you, either.

The 770MX is full of details that make using it a pleasure. It’s the newest generation of CNC that offers enough value, performance, and support to earn the name Tormach.

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Now Available in MX Packages for an additional $1,795.00

The all-in-one PathPilot® Operator Console upgrade allows you to operate your M or MX machine with built-in hardware knobs for feed and speed overrides and a durable hand-held jog pendant for precise manual positioning of the machine.

Note: Fulfillment timeframes for this product is also 6-8 weeks.

If you have an existing quote, contact orders@tormach.com to add the PathPilot Operators Console to your order. 

Technical Specifications

X-Axis: 14″ 356 mm
Y-Axis: 7.5″ 191 mm
Z-Axis: 13.25″ 337 mm
Spindle Power: 1.5 hp 1.12 Kw
Maximum Speed: 10,000 RPM
Transmission: Poly-V Belt
Spindle Taper: BT30
Thread Machining: Rigid Tapping, Tension/Compression, Thread Mill
X- and Y-Axis: 300 IPM 7.62 m/min
Z-Axis: 250 IPM 6.35 m/min
Power Required: Single-Phase 115 Vac, 50/60 Hz, 15A breaker
Table Size: 26″ × 8″ 660 mm x 203 mm
Table Slots: 5/8″ – Three slots 15.9 mm – Three slots
Spindle Nose to Table Max. Clearance: 12.75″ 324 mm
Spindle Centerline to Machine Column: 8.6″ 218 mm
Typical System Footprint: 56″ × 48.5″ 1422 mm x 1232 mm
Overall System Height: 88″ 2235 mm
Typical System Weight: 950 lb 431 kg
Frame and Table: Cast iron frame and table, with hand-scraped hydrodynamic ways and tapered adjustment gibs
Way Surfaces: Low-friction PTFE-filled, Acetyl-bonded sliding surface. Similar to Rulon® and Turcite®.
PathPilot® Controller Premium Features are Our Standard:
  • User-Friendly Design
  • User-Definable Macros
  • Trajectory Planner/High-Speed Machining
  • Support For Up To 4-Axis Continuous Machining
  • Visual & Intuitive Conversational Programming
  • Expanded Memory: 80GB of system program memory
  • Second Home Position (Operator Defined)
  • Built-in Dropbox™ Support for Seamlessly Transferring Programs
  • WiFi Ready
  • USB I/O Kits Availble to Support up to 4 USB I/O (16 In/16 Out): Trigger aftermarket accessories such as auxiliary pumps, robotic part loaders, probes, and more.

770MX Installation

At Tormach, our mission is to help people build things. Making CNC equipment accessible is how we do it.

Having our customers assemble their machines is one way we keep prices affordable. After all, requiring a company-trained technician to commission your new CNC machine is expensive. And while we do offer installation (as an service), it’s not the default.

We have your back. We go to great lengths to provide the best resources (documentation, videos, etc.) to make sure you’re successful. And our tech support team is available to respond to your needs if you run into any roadblocks.