5C Collets and 5C Chucks

5C Collets, Chucks, and Fixtures from Tormach

5C Collets are a popular standard for mill and lathe work. They are used to hold cylindrical stock up to 1” (25mm) in diameter and offer superior concentricity to faster setup than 3 Jaw chucks. Our affordable line includes 5C collet sets, 5C collet chucks, and 5C collet fixtures.

5C Collet Sets

We offer both metric and imperial 5C collet sets. Imperial sets are available in 1/16” increment and metric sets are available in 1mm increment. Each 5C Collet is precision machined from high quality spring steel.

5C Collet Chucks

Our 5C collet chuck is a lathe style that uses a key and scroll to pull the collet into the taper of the chuck and allow for machining right up to the edge of the 5C collet. 5C collet chucks are suitable for mounting on a lathe, 4th axis, or rotary table. They can also be used to securely hold work vertical when attached to a mill table.

5C Collet Fixtures

Our 5C collet fixtures use a nut and spanner wrench to compress the 5C collet into the taper. They are a very affordable solution for occasional work holding on a 4th axis, rotary table, or mill table. 5C collet fixtures include ground tapered setup bars for alignment with MT2 or MT3 center holes, as well as a mounting flange for securing to the mill table.

Pre-Sprung 5C Collets

We also offer both standard on-size 5C collets and pre-sprung 5C collets. Pre-sprung collets are slightly spread from nominal diameter when uncompressed and suitable for use with automated systems like 5C collet closers.

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