440 Service Bulletin


Thank you for downloading and reading SB0051: Uncommanded Spindle Acceleration in PCNC 440.

Here is what will happen next:

  • Leadshine has designed a fix that will be incorporated in the production of new MX3660 drivers going forward. As soon as these drivers are available, Tormach will recall and replace all MX3660 drivers currently installed in affected PCNC 440s at no cost to the customer. Currently, we expect this to occur by August 2016. If your PCNC 440 is subject to this recall, you will receive additional information on the specifics of the recall when parts are available to ship.
  • In the meantime, Tormach software developers are working on a solution for PathPilot crashes caused by Dropbox. Until we are able to replace the MX3660 drivers, we recommend against using Dropbox for file transfers to the PathPilot controller. In the interim, use a USB drive for file transfers.
  • Please print and attach the service bulletin(SB0051) to a clearly visible location near the PCNC 440 to ensure all users are informed of the uncommanded spindle acceleration issue.