Tormach Tooling System - Measurement Tools

Tormach's line of measurement tools include a variety of unique and essential precision measurement devices, including TTS dial tools, Haimer Zeromasters, the Tormach Tool Assistant offline tool measurement system and more.

Haimer® Zero Master

Professional quality German-made 3D sensors for precision locating. Both analog and digital versions are available.


Looking for Haimer Replacement Tips?

Tormach carries both imperial and metic ball replacement tips for the Haimer Zero Master and 3D Sensor. We also offer 2mm and 5mm Straight and Bent Tips for Haimer CENTRO.


Height Gauges

These Dial and Digital Height Gauges and granite surface plates are necessary for an accurate offline TTS measurement system.

The unique Dual-contact geometry of TTS enables fast offline tool length measurement with a height gauge and surface plate. We have a selection of height gauges and offline tool measurement tools for sale, including Tormach Tool Assistant.

Edge Finders and Dial Holders

A variety of spindle mounted tools with TTS geometry for measuring and locating work at the mill, including edge finders, plunger dials, and more.




Manuals, Technical Documents, Datasheets, Service Bulletins, and Drawing are all available in our Support Documents and Drawings Library.