Sensorless Vector Spindle Drive

Upgrade Requirements
  • This kit upgrades the original analog spindle VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) with a high performance digital sensorless vector VFD from Emerson Control Techniques, resulting in the following performance improvements:

    • 450% improvement in Stopping Time, virtually eliminating spindle coasting. This reduces tool change time and allows for the use of a Tension/Compression Tapping Head.
    • Quicker Acceleration and Deceleration for improved dynamic cutting response
    • Elimination of Potentiometer adjustments, resulting in maintenance-free operation
    • Increased Power Output. Overload capability is increased from 150% to 230%
    • Expanded Speed Overlap between low and high belts
    • Increased Torque at Low Speed, allowing for for drilling of holes up to 1" diameter

    The spindle drive upgrade kit is a complete package with drive, wiring, software, machine control board, braking resistor, and installation instructions.

    This upgrade is for PCNC 1100 Series 1 machines with serial numbers #0001-1325.

    A $200 core deposit will be returned if the original machine control board is mailed back to us within 60 days of upgrade purchase.

    We recommend that you also purchase the Cabinet Cooling Kit (PN 30512) if your machine is not already equipped with a cabinet cooling fan.

  • Series 3 Upgrade Requirements

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    03/27/09 - Spindle Upgrade Kit Datasheet (287 kb)
    Datasheet on the Spindle Upgrade Kit for PCNC 1100 Series 1 mills (PN 31090).

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