PCNC 1100 Options

PCNC 1100 with Enclosure

PCNC 1100 Enclosures, Stands, Arms, Guards, & Accessories

Full Enclosure Kit for PCNC 1100

  • 16g sheet metal
  • Powder Coated
  • Large sliding front doors with 50" opening
  • 2 large side doors, 20" opening
  • 1/8" polycarbonate windows
  • Light Kit with 5 overhead fixtures
  • Control Relocation & Coolant Proofing Kit Door brackets for Safety Interlock
  • Made in the USA

Deluxe CNC Mill Stand

The Deluxe Machine Stand has been designed to maximize efficiency of your PCNC 1100. Chips and coolant stay contained with its generous tray depth, back and side guarding. The table mounted guard shields in the forward direction, while the integrated coolant system keeps you running at maximum speeds and feeds. Shown with the PCNC 1100 mill (not included).

Deluxe CNC Stand for Tormach PCNC 1100 Mill
Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 1100
Short Video of the Tormach ACT in action.

Automatic Tool Changer for PCNC 1100

The Tormach Tooling System ATC is a 10 tool carousel-style automatic TTS tool changer for the PCNC 1100 and PCNC 770 Mill. The side mounted changer integrates with our existing power draw bar system to automatically change tools via controller command.

Power Drawbar for PCNC 1100

The Power Drawbar integrates with your PCNC Mill for lightning-fast manual tool changes with the push of a button and eliminates the need to hand-tighten your drawbar. To change tools, a pneumatic multi-stack air-over-air cylinder is actuated to depress the drawbar, releasing clamping pressure and opening the collet without putting harmful load on the spindle bearings. When the cylinder is released, the drawbar tightens and the tool is held firmly in place. This system provides over 2500lbs of holding force to the tool.



PCNC 1100 Personal CNC Mills Rotary Tables & 4-Axis CNC Kits

Tomach offers 6" and 8" standard and tilting rotary tables and 4-axis CNC kits for the PCNC 1100 personal CNC milling machines. The 4-axis CNC packages integrate with the PCNC 1100 CNC mill's control system and include the motorized rotary table, electronic driver modules and wiring harnesses.

The motorized rotary tables included with the 4-axis CNC kits are designed for CNC machining operations that involve large forces, cutting fluids, and frequent operation. The rotary tables are direct drive and totally sealed.

Tormach Duality CNC Lathe

The Duality Lathe mounts on the PCNC 1100 bed, turning your CNC milling machine into a light duty CNC lathe for prototyping and small turning projects. The Duality Lathe™ is a Tormach exclusive. This unique product adds an affordable CNC lathe capability to your PCNC for small-scale prototyping and hobby use.

Duality Lathe 4th Axis

The Duality Lathe™ 4th Axis attachment allows you to convert your Duality Lathe headstock in to a 4th-axis, allowing you to cut keyways, pockets, helixes, etc. on turned parts with a single setup.

Duality Lathe Tooling and Toolholders

Tool posts, Tool holders, live centers, and lathe tooling suitable for use with the Duality Lathe.

PCNC 1100 Installation Tools

Specialized equipment designed for a worry-free installation of your new PCNC 1100 CNC mill.

Lifting Bar
31446 - Lifting Bar

The lifting bar is an accessory used for hoisting a PCNC mill, primarily for the purpose of placing the mill on a stand. When installed properly it provides a lift point directly over the center of gravity. The set includes bar and all necessary chains, shackles and attachment hardware. Detailed instructions are included with the set.

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Other PCNC 1100 options

Includes load meters, auto oilers, remote e-stops, and other options for your PCNC 1100 personal CNC milling machine.

Spindle Load Meter
Spindle Load Meter

The Load Meter offers a way to visually monitor spindle load.  Use it to identify overload conditions, monitor tool wear, and troubleshoot drive issues.

E-Stop Kits
E-Stop Kits

Add additional stop buttons to your mill. More than one Integrated Remote E-stop can be linked together in series to provide multiple stop locations.

Automatic Oiler
Automatic Oiler

A programmable automatic oiler for worry-free mill lubrication with configurable settings for stroke length and time interval.

BT30 Spindle Cartridge
BT30 Spindle Cartridge

A drop-in substitute for the factory standard R8 spindle included with the PCNC 1100 mill, suitable for use with most BT30 toolholders.  Designed for use with drawbar; will not work with pull studs.  Not compatible with Tormach Tooling System® ATC.

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