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bug 840 Mill - Interpreter: G50 and G80 should be allowed on same line open 2015-03-18
bug 1125 Mill - Set Start Line: If machine is in G54, and set start line feature is used on a program in G55, and program is aborted half way through, DROs will read in G54 offsets open 2016-01-21
bug 1236 RapidTurn - Soft Limit: 770 RT configuration has incorrect soft limit travel setting for lathe Z axis (mill X axis) open 2016-07-27
bug 1231 Mill - Conversational: Spot drill DOC DRO should accept either positive or negative values, then convert them to the value expected by the canned cycle open 2016-07-26
bug 1238 Lathe/Rapid Turn: Selecting a parting tool on the offsets screen defaults to tip orientation 1 or 4, but conversational parting routine requires 2 or 3. Workaround: manually edit orientation on offsets page. open 2016-07-28
bug 1237 Mill - Conversational Thread Mill: Internal threads post with bad character on G64 line. Workaround: find G64 line and replace entire line with G64 P0. open 2016-07-28
bug 1224 Mill - Conv. Thread Mill: Internal diameters with fine pitch (32 or greater) fail to interpolate helix because of G64 blending open 2016-07-19
bug 1223 Mill - Conv. Serial Number Engraving: Spindle RPM of 0 prevents G1 motion if engraving just a serial number open 2016-07-14
bug 978 Mill - M8 or M9 on the same line as G40 gives error message open 2015-07-14
bug 1156 Mill - Touchscreen: Soft numpad doesn't work with drill table on conversational drill/tap tab. open 2016-03-22
bug 265 Mill/Lathe - Shutdown screen: Instruction to power off computer is hard to read on some computers open 2013-11-22
bug 839 Mill/Lathe - USBIO: User should get error message if board is enabled on settings screen but not connected open 2015-03-18
bug 866 Mill - Toolpath preview: G code with A axis moves is not always well rendered in tool path preview open 2015-04-06
bug 1001 Mill/Lathe - File tab: Right click for cut/copy/paste is missing from new file interface. open 2015-08-04
bug 1011 Mill - Toolpath preview: Program extents not always displayed on first program load, sometimes you need to change the view to see them. open 2015-08-10
bug 1100 Mill/Lathe - Metric Step Sizes: Change step sizes to 0.005, 0.010, 0.100, 1.000 open 2015-12-08
bug 1099 Mill/Lathe - Conversational: DROs should have only 3 decimal places of precision in G21 open 2015-12-08
bug 925 Mill/Lathe - G code interpreter: Block Delete not supported open 2015-05-26
bug 1151 Mill - M3: M3 S0 (spindle run with zero speed) results in machine waiting for at-speed indefinitely open 2016-03-11
bug 1199 Mill - Probing: Probing buttons fail if axes softlimits are shortened via ADMIN SET_X_LIMIT or SET_Y_LIMIT open 2016-06-03
bug 999 Mill - 4th Axis: Max Velocity override does not affect A axis moves open 2015-08-01
enhancement 804 Touchscreen - Popup lacks Capslock key to allow users to make capital letters via soft keyboard open 2015-03-03
enhancement 997 Mill - Conversational: Face routine should accept Z start = Z end open 2015-08-01
enhancement 878 Mill/Lathe - Touchscreen enhancement: Make touch area for override sliders larger so they are easier to 'grab' with a finger open 2015-04-15
enhancement 825 Mill/Lathe - Settings screen enhancement: Add M codes to the G codes cheat sheet open 2015-03-12
enhancement 1265 Mill - Conversational: Improved tool path for circular, rectangular profile open 2016-08-24
enhancement 862 Mill - Conversational enhancement: Add angle wrt X axis to engraving tab open 2015-03-31
enhancement 1013 Mill/Lathe - Tool tips: add a "learning" mode setting that enables tool tips with descriptions of functions/buttons/dros open 2015-08-13
enhancement 815 Mill/Lathe - Touchscreen: Need soft keyboard for tool table entries open 2015-03-06
enhancement 1021 Mill/Lathe - USB IO board: Add buttons to control relay output state, switchable during G code execution. open 2015-08-25
enhancement 1028 Mill/Lathe: File Tab: Make hard drive window larger and hide USB window and buttons when no USB stick is plugged in open 2015-08-31
enhancement 988 Mill/Lathe - Touchscreen: Add ability to get right click menu from touch. open 2015-07-20
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