Tormach CNC Lathe Prototype: Fall 2012 Update

by: Andrew Grevstad

Work is continuing on our CNC Lathe project.  We’ve made a lot of progress since the last update (over 6 months ago, yikes!), albeit not a lot that can be demonstrated in a Youtube video.   One thing that does show up well on video is the turret changer integration, which this video shows here.

Workpiece is Stainless Steel – make sure to wait until the end to see the bar puller:)


We’re still not far enough along to give firm details about availability or pricing, so stay tuned to the blog and we will continue to update as we can.


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Andrew Grevstad


With over ten years of professional experience in advanced manufacturing systems, digital design tools, and applied software, Andy Grevstad has worked in product development and technical support for Tormach since 2008. Grevstad has received engineering degrees from Michigan Technological University and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a regular contributor to Digital Machinist magazine and also blogs weekly about CNC milling and related topics on the Tormach blog, Milling Around.

31 Responses to “Tormach CNC Lathe Prototype: Fall 2012 Update”

  1. tikka308 says:

    Great update! How’s the tapping work? It didn’t appear to have any tension/compression in the toolholder. How about threading?

  2. harley573 says:

    Yes, yes, I’m still chomping at the bit to throw some more money Tormach’s way! I’m definitely drooling over this video. But is there a light at the end of this prototyping tunnel?

  3. says:

    The coolant at each station looks great! Very cool…


  4. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Yes, and I think it getting much closer. Stay tuned..

  5. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Spindle encoder. You can see threading on this video:

  6. Dave C says:

    That is outstanding! Love the bar puller. Love the coolant system. Rigid tapping is impressive. Any chance for live tooling to do a little off-axis and side drilling? (Not holding breath, I’m know that adds a lot of complexity to the turret…)

  7. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Not ruling it out completely:) But its not an active part of this project currently.

  8. kvom says:

    What spindle nose? Any chucks other than collet?

  9. morb1lee says:

    sub spindle?!…asking a bit on that but never hurts to ask!

  10. Spinnetti says:

    Love the bar puller idea…

  11. Spinnetti says:

    PS, Gang tooling is faster and simpler isn’t it?

  12. mlavigne says:

    Since live tooling is questionable, im sure a second turret for back machining is not even being considered? That would really unlock some power. With some live tooling and a second turret, I could move all my manufacturing back in house…

  13. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Wouldn’t that be something.. I’ll add it to the change request log:)

  14. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Not currently in the plans..

  15. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    It’ll fit D1 chucks.

  16. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Programming can be a trickier. Depends who you ask.

  17. GBS-Usinages says:

    what is the max feedrate speed ?
    Do you think about add an additionnal axis like C and turning tools on the turret ?
    Great idea the bar puller !

    what is the max part lenght ?

  18. GBS-Usinages says:

    I forgot . :-)
    the max spindle rpm and his power (kw if avaliable)
    thanks !

    Good job !!!

  19. says:

    Andy – is there a way to turn on quoting in blog responses? Sometimes it is hard to figure out which message is being replied to.

    For example, which feature did you add to the change request log?

  20. says:

    Are you close enough to to production to estimate weight and footprint or floor space needed?

  21. jamesherauf says:

    What is going to be the electrical requirements ?
    220 or 110

  22. ucdwino says:

    You have now shown a gang tooled version as well as a turret. Is the turret going to be an upgrade option in the same way the ATC is for the PCNC?

    Also, I know you dont want to commit to pricing, but I personally need a lathe in my prototyping shop, and the wait here is killing me. (currently making do with a hharbor freight mini lathe)

    A better manual lathe with a DRO such as is avaliable widely at the moment will do the job for me, but I am willing to spend 2-3x for a tormach cnc, However, if the pricing is 5x, (like the omniturn) it is going to be a different story

    Can you give SOME indication of your target pricepoint. I’m sure that the target price has been part of the project since day 1, and shining a little bit of light there will be really helpful. Will a baseline model be avaliable under $20k? Under 30k?

  23. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Turret will be an upgrade option. Gang tooling will be lower cost entry point. Still a bit to early to publish and price points, sorry:(

  24. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Footprint is approximately 6′ x 4′. Weight is around 1500 lbs.

  25. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    Andy — is there a way to turn on quot­ing in blog responses? Some­times it is hard to fig­ure out which mes­sage is being replied to.

    For exam­ple, which fea­ture did you add to the change request log?

    I think I was talking about the sub spindle, although in jest. Sub Spindle will not be a feature at launch, and no plans to include in future.

  26. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    what is the max fee­drate speed ?
    Do you think about add an addi­tion­nal axis like C and turn­ing tools on the tur­ret ?
    Great idea the bar puller !

    what is the max part lenght ?

    No C Axis. Still solidifying the feedrate and max part length. In the video, we have the configured the max feedrate to be 60IPM.

  27. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    I for­got . :-)
    the max spin­dle rpm and his power (kw if avali­able)
    thanks !

    Good job !!!

    Still finalizing details here, so I’ll hesitate to comment

  28. morb1lee says:

    Any news on sale price or launch date?

  29. Andy G. Andy G. says:

    No, but getting closer all the time. Keep watching..