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Archive for the ‘PCNC 770’ Category


Options for Tormach PCNC Mill Enclosures

August 26th, 2014 by Greg Jackson 

Mill Enclosure Options We've recently released the DIY Frame Kit as another option for coolant and chip control on your PCNC mill. With this in mind it seems a good time to review the relevant considerations as you ponder what the best solution would be for your shop. Chip Guard and Backsplash: ... More


Another Tormach sighting on Kickstarter: DIWire

November 22nd, 2013 by Andrew Grevstad 

Tormach products keep popping up in cool Kickstarter videos! Take a look at DIWire, a cool Kickstarter from  Pensa Labs, owners of a Tormach PCNC 770.  Its a CNC wire bender with integrated design software that lets you bend wire and small tubing in a variety of materials up from .040"-0.125" ... More


Tormach Staff Recommendations: Stop-Loc Setup Tool

January 10th, 2013 by Andrew Grevstad 

Here's a great little device to speed up setup tasks in the shop: the Stop-Loc Setup Tool.    Tormach Tech Advisor Rory has two of these in his own shop and, in his own words,  "I use them all the time, man!" Obviously, the Stop-Loc isn't a replacement for a precision ... More


Fab Lab Skill Builder: Swing Indicating, Part 1

August 23rd, 2012 by Andrew Grevstad 

  Swing Indicating may be "old hat" to more than a few readers of this blog, but we find in our CNC Fundamentals Workshops that many new and self-taught machinists have never used the technique before.  Here's a brief Fab Lab tutorial on how to indicate the center of a hole.   The ... More

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Fab Lab Skill Builder – Boring Head Basics, Part 2

August 8th, 2012 by Andrew Grevstad 

  Here's part 2 of our Boring Head Basics video, OD turning   Want the tool?  You can purchase our TTS Boring Head here. A few points to highlight here: A) OD Boring requires the spindle rotates counterclockwise (M4 command) in most cases, since the majority of boring bars having tooling geometry oriented for that ... More