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Rotary and 4th Axis

CNC Mill Rotary and 4th Axis Products

Tormach motorized rotary tables are plug-and play options to turn your PCNC Mill into a 4-axis CNC machine when coupled with our 4th axis integration kits.  All tables are designed and built for machining operations that involve large forces, cutting fluids, and frequent operation.

Our motorized rotary tables are also popular with machine builders, manufacturing engineers, and OEMs for custom integration as a 4-axis CNC capability for third party machinery or incorporation in a custom motion or manufacturing work cell.

All of our rotary tables utilize a direct drive principle instead of a belt drive. Direct drive tables are superior as they avoid the problems of side loading the worm screw bearing. Tormach rotary tables use microstepping motors that are specially designed for operation in a metal cutting environment and are sealed against cutting fluids, chips, and dust.

Tormach 4-axis CNC kits include:

  • Accommodations for Vertical (A-axis) or Horizontal (C-axis) operation
  • Removable 5/8” locating key for table slots
  • An adjustable worm gear for backlash correction/wear compensation.
  • High performance, direct drive microstepping motor
  • Dual anti-rotation table locks
  • Quick release of worm gear for free rotation
  • Coolant sealed motor and motor mount (not suitable for immersion)
  • Pre-wired AMP CPC power connector

In a 4-axis CNC configuration, our standard rotary tables can be mounted either vertically (A-axis) or horizontally (C-axis).  Each kit includes T-bolts, nuts, and low profile clamp bars.  We also offer tilting rotary tables that can be manually positioned to establish a rotational axis anywhere between 0 and 90 degrees.

Rotary tables are available in 6” and 8” nominal diameters.  We also offer a complete line of 4-axis CNC table accessories, including:

Rotary and 4th Axis

8" Tables and Accessories

Info on our 8" diameter rotary table, as well as compatible tailstocks, chucks, and collet holders.

8" Tables and Accessories

6" Tables and Accessories

Info on our 6" diameter rotary table, as well as compatible tailstocks, chucks, and collet holders.

6" Tables and Accessories

The single most frequent question we receive about our 4-axis CNC kits is "How can they be so cheap?" This question is normally in the context of a comparison with models offered by Haas, Yuasa, or others where similar size tables start at $5000 to $7000. Our tables are an outstanding value for many 4-axis CNC applications, but they are not suitable for all applications. The Tormach rotary tables have differences which can be important in certain situations, such as:

  • Backlash.  Premium 4-axis CNC table manufacturers often quote 15 arc seconds backlash. Our tables will have up to 30 arc seconds of backlash. Does it matter?  That depends on the demands of your application.  For some context, consider this: on an 8" diameter table, 30 arc seconds of amounts to approximately 0.0006" of linear backlash at the outer edge of the table.
  • Speed.  Tormach 4-axis CNC rotary tables move 1800 degrees per minute (approximately 5 RPM). Most servo driven tables move much faster.
  • Table Locks.  Any rotary table should be locked in place during heavy milling to prevent rotation. Conventional 4-axis CNC tables have integral pneumatic table locks, designed to be automatically actuated by CNC control. Tormach 4-axis CNC rotary tables have mechanical lever locks that need to be manually engaged.
  • Bearing Design.  Tormach 4-axis CNC tables use hydrodynamic (oil film) bearing surfaces. They do not have ball bearings or roller bearings internal to the table.