Tormach Speeder™

The Speeder is a RPM multiplier for Tormach PCNC mills and other mills with Bridgeport style quills. It multiplies native spindle speed by 3x using belt driven power transfer and a dynamically balanced sub spindle.

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Tormach Companion Spindles

Companion spindles are affordable options to achieve high spindle speed for specialty machining operations.  We offer two high quality variable speed die grinders that are appropriate for fine milling and engraving applications.

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High Speed Spindles

We offer several affordable options to increase spindle speed for engraving and light milling applications. Companion spindles are designed to be mounted to the side of the primary milling head. The Tormach Speeder™ is a mechanical speed multiplier that interfaces directly with the native spindle. All options will fit either PCNC mill. They are also compatible with a number of other CNC and Bridgeport-style manual milling machines that use the popular 3 3/8" spindle nose diameter standard.

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