08/25/15 FULL

August 2015 SprutCAM 1-day Training

08/25/15 - 08/28/15 FULL

August 2015 CNC Fundamentals Workshop


Tormach Closed for Labor Day Holiday

09/22/15 FULL

September 2015 SprutCAM 1-day Training

09/22/15 - 09/25/15 FULL

September 2015 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

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Shop Talk From Tormach

31 Jul

Tormach’s Second Annual Open House Just Hours Away

AutoDesk-Machinists-Were-Created-IMG_2056Our second annual open house opens tomorrow, bright and early at 8:30. We were hoping to have 150 visitors registered before Saturday ... Read on! →

28 Jul

6 Things We Didn’t Expect from PathPilot™

PathPilot-Screen-BlogIMG_1920_1PathPilot™ has been out of beta for nearly four months, and we’re quite proud of our new control software. While we expected PathPilot to improve the lives of our customers, there were a few features ... Read on! →

24 Jul

Rolling the Dice on Kickstarter

bdcdd5eddac9ba1d6e2ab9c68257a8f6_originalKickstarter has become one of the better ways for startups to test the market with their products, and many of these startups have utilized the capabilities of their Tormach machines to develop and create ... Read on! →

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Other News

16 Jul

Statement from the Company

Tormach is saddened to announce the passing of company president, Greg Jackson.

23 Jun

Tormach Becomes 100% Employee Owned

As of January 1, 2015 Tormach Inc. is 100% employee owned.

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Enabling Your Ideas with Affordable Personal CNC (PCNC)

PCNC Mills: Personal CNC Milling Machine

Tormach PCNC mills represent a new approach in small and bench top CNC milling machines, providing unprecedented value and versatility to machinists, engineers, inventors, makers, and hobbyists.

Versatility You Need

PCNC mills are excellent choices for prototyping, education, home shops, small-run production, custom manufacturing, and light industrial jobs. Cut any material you want: steel, stainless, aluminum, plastic, titanium, iron – our mills have the horsepower, accuracy, and rigidity needed to get results.

Each PCNC can be customized with a suite of options and accessories to expand its utility. Our commitment to modular design principles means the latest accessories can be fit to any mill, regardless of purchase date so your mill can grow with your interests and expand with your business.

We offer innovative and useful accessories to expand your PCNC Mill's capability, including a 4th Axis, Power Draw Bar, Automatic Tool Changer, and much more.

Reliability You Can Count On

With rigid cast iron construction, precision scraped sliding surfaces, proven mechatronics, and robust electronics, PCNC mills are engineered from the ground up to provide years of service and affordable ownership.

Ask any Tormach owner: our support is second-to-none, both before and after delivery. Each PCNC mill undergoes a comprehensive 30 point factory inspection prior to shipment, and our experienced technical support staff is available to assist with your questions and keep your mill making chips in the months and years after that.

Our customers purchase with confidence knowing they've chosen the best value in small CNC. Once you've taken a look at us, we're sure that you'll agree, too.

Recent Success Story

Mars Rover Replica by Beatty Robotics
Family Robotics: Tormach Mill Helps Kids Make Rovers

Robotics is hard, especially when you want to build something new and have to rely on outside shops or vendors for components. Robert Beatty and his two daughters, Camille and Genevieve, decided to take on the challenge of …

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Custom Putter by Reinhard Putters
From Gears to Golf Clubs – Customized Production with a Tormach PCNC 770

Manufacturing customized or short-run parts can be expensive, which is why the old models for production relied on easily repeatable parts and cost-reduction through volume. We’re now in an era where customization and personalization are …

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Recent Video

Tormach High-Speed Spindle Cutting Steel

For more information, visit our Milling Around Blog: Our new High-Speed Spindle Kit (PN 35178), capable of spindle speeds of 24000 RPM, ...

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