Introducing The PCNC 440

A machine that fits all-around milling capability in a compact and affordable package. The PCNC 440 is perfect for anybody that wants to do real cutting, but doesn’t have a lot of space.

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Expanding an Education with Tormach Machine Tools

Matt Pyle is a student at Buffalo State University in New York. Though he has had some shop experience while getting his Associates Degree in mechanical engineering technology, he is mostly self-taught when it comes to …

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Sturgis Show Bikes Begin in the Garage

Scott Phillips grew up around a machine shop. His dad tried to get him involved in fabrication, but to no avail. It wasn’t until years later that Phillips fell into machining as a career, and then he really took to …

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More than Just a Machine Shop at Rauch Engineering

Prototyping can be a challenge. We live in an era of fast-moving start-ups and Kickstarter revolutions, which leads to specialized machining and short turn-arounds. Chris Rauch keeps his “dual aspect engineering company” running steadily, thanks to …

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Fusion 360 Adds Tormach Tool Libraries

Autodesk is a company that creates all kinds of software for manufacturing, engineering, and enterprise uses. When the company took to creating Fusion 360, an approachable, integrated CAD/CAM package, we knew that Tormach needed to be ...

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Tech Education Is More Than Just STEM

The first CNC milling machine was developed in 1957, and the concept of modern CNC really hasn’t changed since. Yet, the worlds surrounding CNC – fabrication, engineering, product development, manufacturing, Et al. – have ...

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Stowing Your Tormach Jog Shuttle Thanks to Kickstarter

In an attempt to maximize work space, Eric Tate of Tate Machine Works took to finding a new place for his Tormach Jog Shuttle. And the ...

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Tormach PCNC Unboxing (770 and 1100)

Since the PCNC 770 and 1100 setup is so similar, we have combined the steps into one video. When there are differences a notification will appear on the top of ...

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PCNC 440 Unboxing

Tormach Machinist, Jason Pulvermacher, unboxes and sets up the PCNC 440 and its stand. Learn more about the PCNC 440:

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Sturgis Show Bikes Begin in the Garage

Scott Phillips grew up around a machine shop. His dad tried to get him involved in fabrication, but to no avail. It wasn't until years later that Phillips fell into ...

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Enabling Your Ideas with Affordable Personal CNC (PCNC)

PCNC Mills: Personal CNC Milling Machine

Tormach represents a new era in making things with the line of PCNC Mills, the 15L Slant-PRO Lathe, and the PSG 612 Grinder. By providing quality machine tools that are approachable and cost-effective, Tormach looks to enable the ideas of everybody from machinists and inventors to makers and educators.

PCNC stands for Personal CNC because Tormach products are designed to make machining easier, while still providing real manufacturing capabilities. With second-to-none support and a full line of tooling and accessories, it’s easy to get started and grow into your machine or start producing high-end parts right away.


02/23/16 - 02/26/16 OPEN

February 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

02/24/16 - 02/26/16

47th Annual WTEA Conference

03/02/16 - 03/04/16

2016 ITEEA Conference - Washington DC

03/22/16 - 03/25/16 OPEN

March 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

04/26/16 - 04/29/16 OPEN

April 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

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07 Jan

PathPilot™ v1.9.4 Now Available

PathPilot v1.9.4 is now available for download from

14 Dec

SprutCAM 10 is Here!

The release of SprutCAM 10 brings new graphics, new tools, and an array of other features to the table.

06 Nov

CNC Technical Advisor

Tormach is seeking a CNC Technical Advisor for our Waunakee, Wisconsin office.

04 Nov

PathPilot™ v1.9.3 Now Available

PathPilot v1.9.3 is now available for download from

22 Sep

Tormach Releases Newest Milling Machine – PCNC 440

Tormach announces the newest addition to their line of personal cnc mills, the Tormach PCNC 440.

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