2nd Annual Tormach Open House

08/25/15 OPEN

August 2015 SprutCAM 1-day Training

08/25/15 - 08/28/15 OPEN

August 2015 CNC Fundamentals Workshop


Tormach Closed for Labor Day Holiday

09/22/15 - 09/25/15 OPEN

September 2015 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

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Milling Around

Shop Talk From Tormach

30 Jun

Precision Matters: Essential Measurement Tools for Machinists

31950_123_Block_setAny machinist knows the value of precision – it’s one of the more important selling-points of any CNC machine. The relevance can’t be overstated, but ... Read on! →

26 Jun

Sharks With Cameras

step-6_2_1Prototype machinist uses Tormach Personal CNC Mills to help National Geographic researchers study shark behavior. Some of the best innovation is spurred from the simplest ideas. When biologist ... Read on! →

22 Jun

Something Fast Has Arrived from Tormach

High Speed Spindle Cutting Logo IMG_0547Our new high-speed spindle is intended to utilize the full capabilities of our PCNC 1100 mill. While our previous higher-speed accessories were designed to ... Read on! →

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Other News

23 Jun

Tormach's Digital Micrometer for Fine Measurements

If you’re looking to take fine measurements, Tormach’s new Digital Micrometer will…

08 Jun

Customer Response Coordinator

Tormach is currently seeking a full time Customer Response Coordinator in our Wanuakee, WI office.

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Enabling Your Ideas with Affordable Personal CNC (PCNC)

PCNC Mills: Personal CNC Milling Machine

Tormach PCNC mills represent a new approach in small and bench top CNC milling machines, providing unprecedented value and versatility to machinists, engineers, inventors, makers, and hobbyists.

Versatility You Need

PCNC mills are excellent choices for prototyping, education, home shops, small-run production, custom manufacturing, and light industrial jobs. Cut any material you want: steel, stainless, aluminum, plastic, titanium, iron – our mills have the horsepower, accuracy, and rigidity needed to get results.

Each PCNC can be customized with a suite of options and accessories to expand its utility. Our commitment to modular design principles means the latest accessories can be fit to any mill, regardless of purchase date so your mill can grow with your interests and expand with your business.

We offer innovative and useful accessories to expand your PCNC Mill's capability, including a 4th Axis, Power Draw Bar, Automatic Tool Changer, and much more.

Reliability You Can Count On

With rigid cast iron construction, precision scraped sliding surfaces, proven mechatronics, and robust electronics, PCNC mills are engineered from the ground up to provide years of service and affordable ownership.

Ask any Tormach owner: our support is second-to-none, both before and after delivery. Each PCNC mill undergoes a comprehensive 30 point factory inspection prior to shipment, and our experienced technical support staff is available to assist with your questions and keep your mill making chips in the months and years after that.

Our customers purchase with confidence knowing they've chosen the best value in small CNC. Once you've taken a look at us, we're sure that you'll agree, too.

Recent Success Story

University of Toronto Microfluidic Device
University of Toronto Micro-Engineers with Tormach

As the technology used in medical research continues to shrink, so does the engineering surrounding it. Edmond Young, Ph.D., focuses his research on developing technologies that rely on the flow of fluids at the ...

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Recent Video

Happy Fourth of July from Tormach

We decided to celebrate Independence Day in true machinist's fashion - with our own brand of fireworks. Have a happy and safe Fourth of July!

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