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Tormach RapidTurn

Tormach RapidTurn Chucker Lathe Accessory

Transform your PCNC Mill into a 5C chucker lathe with our newest PCNC accessory.

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From Proton Packs to R2-D2: Movie Prop Replicas with Tormach

Jesse Hayes is the co-founder of a video game company, but he’s also an artist and maker when it comes to movie props. Using his PCNC 1100 mill and his 15L Slant-PRO lathe, Hayes creates ...

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Tormach Machine Tools Help Build Tactical Robots

When law enforcement agencies and the military need a robot mechanical platform compact enough to be carried around in the field but with enough power to get the job done, they turn to ...

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BattleBots Built on an Original Tormach – The World’s Deadliest Ladybug

ABC’s BattleBots pits a horde of 250-pound robots against each other in gear-grinding, fire-spewing combat, but Lisa Winter brings her ladybug doppelganger, Mega Tento, to the match. Created with the help of a Tormach PCNC 1100, Winter’s cutesy robot of doom is ...

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Being Smarter About Workholding with a New Product

Workholding is one of the most hot-button issue in the worlds of machining, metalworking, and general fabrication. While finding new ways to hold parts as you cut can be ...

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4 Machining Mistakes That Are Actually OK to Make

We’ve all been there – that moment of panic when the machine makes an awkward noise or the spindle seems like it’s making a rapid move just a bit too close ...

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Tantalum: My New Favorite Metal?

Tantalum finds itself in many of the electronics we use every day, being used to make capacitors and high-power resistors. But, what’s more interesting ...

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Introducing CarveSmart Jaws for Tormach Vises

Tormach has partnered with CarveSmart to make their system available on our five-inch vises via a 5+1” jaw set, which extends just beyond the edges of the vise ...

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Tormach 15L Slant-PRO™ Gang Tooling Overview

Tormach's 15L Slant-PRO™ Lathe has three options for tool holding; a turret, a quick-change tool post, and gang tooling. Jason, a machinist at Tormach, walks ...

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Tormach SmartCool™ Overview

SmartCool™ is a programmable coolant system for Tormach CNC milling machines, powered by PathPilot®. Jason, a machinist at Tormach, provides an ...

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Enabling Your Ideas with Affordable Personal CNC (PCNC)

PCNC Mills: Personal CNC Milling Machine

Tormach represents a new era in making things with the line of PCNC Mills, the 15L Slant-PRO Lathe, and the PSG 612 Grinder. By providing quality machine tools that are approachable and cost-effective, Tormach looks to enable the ideas of everybody from machinists and inventors to makers and educators.

PCNC stands for Personal CNC because Tormach products are designed to make machining easier, while still providing real manufacturing capabilities. With second-to-none support and a full line of tooling and accessories, it’s easy to get started and grow into your machine or start producing high-end parts right away.



Tormach Closed for Labor Day Holiday

09/27/16 - 09/30/16 OPEN

September 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

10/01/16 - 10/02/16

World Maker Faire - New York

10/25/16 - 10/28/16 OPEN

October 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

11/15/16 - 11/18/16 OPEN

November 2016 CNC Fundamentals Workshop

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29 Jul

Machine Designer/Engineer

Tormach is seeking a full time Machine Designer/Engineer at our Waunakee, WI office located just north of Madison, Wisconsin.

12 Jul

PathPilot™ v1.9.6b Now Available

PathPilot v1.9.6b is now available for download from

07 Jan

PathPilot™ v1.9.4 Now Available

PathPilot v1.9.4 is now available for download from

14 Dec

SprutCAM 10 is Here!

The release of SprutCAM 10 brings new graphics, new tools, and an array of other features to the table.

04 Nov

PathPilot™ v1.9.3 Now Available

PathPilot v1.9.3 is now available for download from

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